Six top Android apps worth paying for


Android leads the way when it comes to free apps, with more available than on any other platform. But what about the paid apps? Which ones are really worth you splashing the cash for?

Six top Android apps worth paying for

Pocket Casts

Podcasts are an excellent source of entertainment and education, and running them on the right app is crucial. Pocket Casts lets you stream or download podcasts and will automatically retrieve new episodes as soon as they are available. It looks great and works exactly as it should.

Six top Android apps worth paying for

MyBackup Pro

Backing up your Android data is crucial to ensuring continued productivity and MyBackup Pro lets you backup ‘all’ of your data to an online server or an expansion card. Backups can be scheduled and the entire process is invisible once you have set it up.

Six top Android apps worth paying for

Anti-Virus Pro

The threat of viruses to mobile devices is increasing all of the time and it should be common sense to take some precautions. Anti-Virus Pro will protect your phone or tablet and not intrude on your daily tasks. It can even undertake full backups of your data.

Six top Android apps worth paying for

SPB Shell 3D

There are many apps that will change the way an Android smartphone looks and works, but few go to the extremes that SPB Shell 3D does. It looks incredibly polished and adds much

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functionality that will help you use your device more efficiently.

Six top Android apps worth paying for

SlideIT Keyboard

The standard Android keyboard doesn’t work well for everyone and this is why SlideIT Keyboard is a great alternative. You never need to take your finger from the screen and with practice, you can be achieving quicker data input speeds than ever before.

Six top Android apps worth paying for

Quickoffice Pro

There are often not enough minutes in the

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day and any tool that can make you more productive is worth considering. Quickoffice Pro brings desktop-level functionality to the mobile world and supports all of the latest Office document file formats.

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