Navigon 6350 Live review

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With TomTom and Garmin already enjoying the fruits of Live services, it was only a matter of time before Navigon joined the party, but the question is can the 6350 tempt you way from the competition

Navigon 6350 Live review
With TomTom and Garmin already enjoying the fruits of Live services, it was only a matter of time before Navigon joined the party, but the question is can the 6350 tempt you way from the competition?

With a sleek glossy black design encapsulating a colourful 4.3” screen we had high hopes for the Navigon 6350 and its Live services from the start.

Unfortunately we have to admit to being a little disappointed (not to mention baffled) by the lapse in design concentration, as Navigon have decided to incorporate the Live services into a separate module that plugs into the mini-USB port. To make matters worse you then need to plug in your car charger into the side of the module, resulting in a mass of cables all over the dash board!

On a positive note launching the main navigation software revealed a slightly modified version of Mobile Navigator 7 (which retained its large responsive buttons), with the new Live service icon taking center stage.

After registering your device you’ll be able to gain access to your three month free subscription to Google Local search, Pan-European Traffic, Weather, Parking and Safety cameras via the above icon or during various points throughout the interface, as Navigon have managed to merge most of the services into its exciting menu structure to reasonable effect.

Due to the detached nature of the Live service module we found it was best to place the latter in clear view of the sky and give the services chance to log in before setting off.

Otherwise it could some times take an age to connect, however once in use we could get access to safety camera updates and traffic reports in reasonable time. The Google Local search facility was also handy for locating additional POI.

Traffic reports were similar to the standard Navigon FM services, with the device being able to speak back reports via its text-to-speech instructions. We managed to come across several traffic incidents on route and were pleased to see that the software had marked the warnings on the map in the correct position, so we have high hopes for its accuracy.

Safety cameras were also accurately portrayed, with a verbal and audible warning giving ample notice to any approaching cameras.

However its MyReport function, for reporting incorrect cameras/map problems, was still requesting a physical connection to Navigon Fresh (PC software) and without Fuel price searching onboard it felt as if the Live services have not yet been fully exploited.

Navigon 6350 Live review
In terms of standard navigation we found the GPS seemed to be temperamental from a warm start, sometimes requiring a reset before it could lock onto our position in respectable time, but once up and running it was able to maintain our position accurately and re-routing calculations were also respectable.

We did find the Voice command function, which can be used to access options from the main navigation view or to speak destinations (Address, POI, MyDestinations) and dial Bluetooth enabled mobile contacts, was more susceptible to heavier background noise during driving. As a result it got to the point of frustration when the software continually failed to register our ‘No’ command when prompted if the destination was correct.

Still you’ll find most of Navigons core features are in place such as MyRoutes Technology for boosting route efficiency and a wealth of quality destination aids, including text-to-speech, real sign post information, motorway lane guidance and their handy true pedestrian navigation option for routing the last mile of your journey on foot.

We also noticed when driving through tunnels in major cities the display would change to 3D blocks of the surrounding buildings (City view 3D) with a graphical real-time representation of the tunnels we were going though as well – including how long they were -which we thought was more useful.

Our only criticism of the map view was that if you enabled all the options it can impact on its map re-draw performance a touch and street names are still hard to make out from the background.

The 6350 Live feels like a high-end Navigon product on the surface, but it’s let down by its separate module and not always perfect performance.

Map coverage: Europe (40 countries)
Price (as reviewed): £280

Verdict: 7/10
The Live services did prove useful, but better integration would not have gone amiss.

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