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Got a Nokia smartphone


Got a Nokia smartphone? With built in GPS? Then these tips will help you get the most out of it.

1.    Most important of all, use Nokia’s free MapLoader tool to pre-load all the roads in the UK (and anywhere you’re likely to go when abroad) onto your memory card. A few extra hundred KB is nothing these days and it’ll greatly speed up your experience in a strange area to not have to wait while Megabytes of maps are grabbed, perhaps expensively, over the air.

2.    If using Nokia Maps, make sure you grab the free v2.0 upgrade

3.    Make the most of the flexible voice navigation terms – most people will only need to fork out a fiver a few times a year while on holiday or on business trips, using the basic, free mapping and points of interest the rest of the time.

4.    If you do fork out for a long term voice navigation license, note that it’s tied to a phone number, not to a device, so you can transfer it to your next phone… and the one after that.

5.    If planning a trip, research, search for and ‘Add’ the places you’ll be wanting to navigate to, ahead of time. Yes, you can navigate to ad-hoc places as well, but it’ll save so much stress and time to have the main destinations available to you immediately.

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