Android encyclopedia: C is for..

Oliver Hill

The third installment of our Android encyclopedia. C is for..


A popular recovery program that is used to create a back up, restore a back up or apply updates to. The team behind ClockworkMod have recently upgraded their ClockworkMod tethering program, allowing Android users to tether their internet connection for free.


A cache

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is a component that stores data so that requests for that data can be completed a lot faster. Data stored within a cache might be original data, or duplicates of data that is stored elsewhere.

The techie bit:

Each cache is made up of a variety of different entries. Each one of these entries has a piece of data, called datum, and a tag which specifies  the identity of the entry.

Capacitive touchscreen

Capacitive touchscreens are a type of display that rely on the properties of the human body to detect where the user is touching. Due to this, users can control touchscreens that implement capacitive technology with light touches or a stylus.

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    • Paul said:

      When are we going to see D?

    • Oliver Hill said:

      Hi Paul, I’m currently working on the next few sections as we speak!

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