Navigon 70 Premium Live review

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Navigon’s new high-end navigation device boasts full live services, downloading location aware information to the machine as you drive. Read on for our full review.

Navigon 70 Premium Live review

Navigon’s earlier attempts at a Live service product were somewhat undermined by the fact that the technology was integrated into a clumsy external module, so can the next gen 70 Premium Live offer any improvements?

Thankfully the answer is yes, with the 70 Premium Live boasting an-all-in one integrated solution, with an ultra-thin profile, lush black finish and a 5” display to match.

Delving inside, you’ll find an easy to use interface alongside a couple of extra options, Voice command and Live services.

Voice command allows you to speak destinations, acquire POI or dial contacts from a compatible Bluetooth enabled phone. Plus it works within the driving view.  The accuracy was good – in most noise conditions – but it still felt unintuitive compared to Garmin‘s “wake-up” command, as a screen press is still required to activate.

In terms of Live services, there’s a generous 15 month subscription to sink your teeth into. The vast majority of services proved effective too. Google Search in particular is useful for locating POI stored outside the internal database.

With time the Event service should prove ideal for those looking for nearby/city entertainment (like concerts). HD traffic was accurate, providing ample warnings and the map display reflects the severity and direction of traffic using a colour coded system.

Whilst there is also a 3 day weather and parking service (helping to locate nearby parking), we must admit to being more disappointed with the Fuel service. At time of writing, it didn’t display fuel prices, so effectively the service was obsolete.

Navigon 70 Premium Live review

Out on the road the spoken text-to-speech guidance was clear and easy to follow. The map display is joined by a rather nifty proximity sensor, allowing us to hover our hand near the screen to bring up additional boxouts (i.e. settings options).

The map display benefits from the large 5” display, schematic arrows and current/upcoming streets boxout. Coupled with easier to read street names and a magnitude of other directional aides, namely Motorway lane guidance, it’s only let down by a few quirks.

One in particular is with the new animated Active lane guidance, while it worked well, at one point it did state that we could use two lanes when in fact one of these was used by oncoming traffic!

Another problem was that it couldn’t plot an exact route in some locations, but in general its route guidance and efficiency (thanks to the improving MyRoutes Technology) was more than capable.

Navigon’s Dual Bluetooth technology returns and allows up to two phones to be paired (each with separate call history/contacts). Our iPhone though was not playing ball as incoming calls from contacts took a while to display on-screen and call quality seemed a bit distance. We had better luck after a re-connect, so it may have been a problem with the phone.

Despite a few issues (which updates should fix), the Navigon 70 Premium Live is a quality device.  However with strong competition from the TomTom 1000, the 15 months free live subscription, at least, makes it worthy of consideration.

Price: £279.95

Essential verdict
Performance: 8/10
Design: 10/10
Features: 8/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Overall Score: 8/10

Written by Brett James. Originally published in Smartphone Essentials magazine.

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