50 common BlackBerry problems solved

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One of the great strengths of the BlackBerry is its ease of use

One of the great strengths of the BlackBerry is its ease of use. But it inevitable that you will encounter a few problems or random irritations that you can’t solve from time to time. In our rundown of 50 frequently asked questions you might

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finally find the answer…

I can’t install apps on my BES enabled BlackBerry
This is common because most companies block this facility. You could ask your IT administrator to change the setting or install some apps before you enable BES on your phone. This will often leave the apps in place even after the restriction has been placed.

50 common BlackBerry problems solved
My new BIS account is not registering

Contact your service provider to make sure it is set up correctly. If so, go to Options/Advanced Options/Host Routing Table and click ‘Register Now’. This is the most reliable solution to get up and running.

My trackball keeps getting stuck!
Trackballs are notorious for getting stuck and over time can cease to work properly due to the build-up of dust. One trick is to turn your BlackBerry face down and vigorously rub it over an A4 sheet of paper. It really does work.

50 common BlackBerry problems solved
Can I automatically dial conference call PIN numbers?

Oh yes, simply add an ‘x’ after the telephone number followed by a space and the PIN will be dialled automatically. For example- 01234567890x 123456# will initiate a call and then dial the PIN number automatically when the prompt appears, leaving you to say your name and join the call.

Where is the full stop key?
There isn’t one. Pressing space twice will insert a full stop and pressing space in a URL or email address will do the same automatically.

Can I use my jargon?
Jargon is a difficult area for smartphones because they try to guess what you are typing from a list of common English words. In options, go to custom dictionary and add as many words or phrases you use often. These should then be accepted when you type in future.
Image: custom.tiff  The Custom Dictionary offers the ultimate in personalised data input.

My signal bar seems to be inaccurate
It should be fine, but holding down ‘alt’ and typing N,M,L,L will bring up a numeric indicator instead for more precise information.

50 common BlackBerry problems solved
Why is the predictive text so bad?

The AutoText function in Options/AutoText can be tweaked to include as many words as you like and to cater for particular spellings you may use. With some work it could completely transform the way you type on a BlackBerry and is worth exploring to make your phone even quicker than before.

Can I search in attachments?
Yes, press ‘F’ and a dialogue will appear enabling you to do a quick text search.

50 common BlackBerry problems solved
My battery dies every day!

If you have a 3G BlackBerry turn it to 2G only. You will still receive emails very quickly and unless web browsing is vital, you can leave it turned off all the time.

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    • plancarte said:

      i have a problem with the white bar on the bottom when you are in the bbm
      i cannot see what im writing, while i write it… how can i fix it???
      i can send what i wrote but i cannot see while writing


    • Drew Fullen said:

      Very helpful post. I found this forum that gives some more solutions to common Blackberry issues. These really helped me out.


    • edward London said:

      I have a BB 9700 it showes I have 2 messages (envelope icon) but even when I deleted all of my emails and text messages it still indicates I have 2 unopened messages??

    • lorraine said:

      call log on my blackberry has disappeared. If i have a missed call i cannot retrieve it. Texts disappear if i do’nt save them. Any ideas

    • jon said:

      Have you looked at your call log as the envelopes that are on your screen might be missed calls.

    • rachael mcnamara said:

      The mouse on my 8520 freezes sometimes and even when I clean it and my hands, or turn it off and on again, it still doesn’t work. Sometimes it doesn’t work for at least 1 – 2 hours.

    • gerry crosby said:

      Battery was low on Bberry. It won’t turn on and when I connect to computer to recharge the red light comes on but nothing else happens…what is the problem?

    • Andy Betts said:

      Have you tried taking the battery out? That will reset the phone. Also if the battery ran out completely try charging from the mains rather than a computer, and leave it for a good few hours (maybe overnight).

    • L.T. said:

      The ringer alerts just go off by itself, although it is set on a ring setting
      . I have tried security wipe which did not help. I’ve even had my handset
      changed but the problem persists. Can anyone help?

    • Alan Bush said:

      The problem is with my daughter’s Blackberry. She downloaded some apps a few months ago and since then her bills have been getting more and more expensive. We eventually figured out that the phone is accessing the internet every day at midnight and she has now deleted all the apps. Unfortunately it is still doing it.

      I would appreciate some advice please if anyone knows what the problem is.

    • Lynn said:

      Can anyone help me please. I have a Bold 9780 and it “got wet!!” It is now working but the batter icon says it has no power and the light keeps flashing, but when you take the battery out and put it in another Blackberry it is fully charged, how a can I stop the warning light flashing and make the batter icon tell me h…ow much charge is left. Thank you from Hopeful !!!!

    • Andy Betts said:


      Did you leave it to dry out properly? Try cleaning the battery contacts, both on the battery and the phone with a soft cloth.

    • AIDEN said:

      Hi there

      problem with a BB CURVE 8510

      Why is my reception breaking up every time i make a call.????its not my network because it works perfect on my old phone!!!!!what do i do BB?

    • Emily said:

      My BB wont let me browse the internet now for some reason. It loads and takes its time and then doesnt do anything. Also having problems logging into facebook application, and im not recieving any emails?? Ive taken my battery out about 3 times now and no difference. Help me pleasee this is very frustrating!

    • Arthur Walsh said:

      whenever i type the letter a is automatically written, even when im in the middle of writing so the end product looks like this. “hey maaatea yoaau waanna gao aaout tonighata? take away the a’s and youll be able to read it.

      how can if fix this?

    • Sophie said:

      My blackberry curve has been running out of battery ridiculously quickly in the past few days even though I charge it every night. Not only that, today I took the battery out and put it back in again and the white screen with the black square timer thing in the middle has been on the screen for hours! I plugged it in to charge then turned it on and the same screen has been there for hours still. Just wondering if anyone knew what was wrong with it? does it need a new battery or need replacing?

    • david said:

      Hi guys and girls – new here so please bear with me. Does anyone know of any problems with the photo numbering/dating system on blackberrys??? Mine seems to pre date the photo i.e. a ph0to taken on 15th Feb 2011 would have the following filename IMG00263-20110205-1009 indicating the photo was taken on 5th feb 2011 and not the 15th feb 2011. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.



    • Mariam said:

      Hello, I have the same problem as many of you.. My battery keeps dying at 50% no matter how long I charge it… A friend of mine has the same BB but doesn’t have the same issue… Should I replace my phone or what? And is the problem permanent?

    • kamantha said:

      Hi I’m reali frustrated coz I cnt play my music on my bb nymre evn my fone won’t ring plz does ny1 knw wats wrng and how I can fix it-tanx

    • Gymfanatic said:

      my navigation button is not workin the small middle blaack button you use to get into everything. Help!

    • face said:

      when i am pressing s on my blackberry sz coming up also w when i hit the space bar gc when i hit g or c all come up together

    • lara said:

      the prblem with my blackberry is slightly different to these problems. Everytime i turn it on it shows a ticking clock for around about 5 minutes, then when the home screen eventually loads i can scroll across the bottom menu but when i actually try to select one of the icons to read a text or any of the other features, it pops up with a box saying ‘confirm time and date’ and it wont let me select yes so this means i cant do anything off the home screen, does anyone know how i could fix this at home or would be able to reset it back to the factory settings?

    • praneel said:

      Hey. I have a pearl 9105. From saturday the phone has just been rebooting, it reboots when I use bbm, facebook or I want to delete certain apps.. I have enough phone memory.sometimes it reboots and the trackpad don’t work. Sometimes it goes blank, then comes on with the hour glass frozen and reboots. Any help please.

    • tammy said:

      i have a blackberry curve i cant get on any of my options or menu its completely froze i cant answer calls either, all my keys have gone funny aswell ive tried takin battery out numerous times but it doesnt wrk its still froze help me

    • saby said:

      heey evrytime a swithch on my bb it loads then it cumz up n sez reset n then when i press reset it shuts and cumz on agen and loadz then says resets agen so i dnt no wat ta du any help plz

    • maria said:

      me pueden ayudar con mi BB9700, resulta que hace 2 dias cuando quiero hacer una llamada o me llaman se siente como si fueran llamadas por pulso, es decir todo entrecortado, para lo demas el telefono funciona bien pero no me deja hacer ni recibir llamadas, que puede ser????

    • bren said:

      Hi, People on my list who i added at different time spans are seeing diff status updates and not seeing my most recent one. Some are seeing my status from 3 weeks ago while others are seeing from last week and others are still seeing some from 1 month and a half ago!! I added myself to see the problem and then deleted myself but so far even afterward when i update my stat it is stuck on the previous stat, so i know a simple matter of deleting people and adding them back will not help. Can anybody assist me? Oh and i updated my phone twice already. Plz help

    • Kelsey said:

      Heyy, i updated an email update and then rebooted my phone. now the phone will only open up the Blackberry load page, the load reaches fully loaded but then nothing happens!
      can you please help, it just wont do anything but stay on this screen…

    • Louise said:

      My problem is, when i turn my BB off and on again, all my text messages get grouped together. Say iv text Lee, all the ones iv sent will be first, then all the ones hes sent… Not a major problem but highly annoying :( x

    • Debbie said:

      I have lost my text icon on my screen, does anybody know how to get it back?

    • libby said:

      my trackpad is stuck wont move at all,ive tried everything,ive tuck the battery out,and rubbed it on a a4 sheet of paper,and still wont move could anyone solve this??

    • Amila said:

      My my blackberry curve 8520 has been switched of for about 1month and now it just wont turn on!
      Any help please???

    • sam goodchild said:

      i’ve restarter my blackberry by taking out the battery and putting it back but for some reason the red screen is not coming on, any ideas?

    • lisa said:

      kan je opeens een foto ontvangen van iemand waar je mee in gesprek zit op ping, terwijl die gene niks heeft verstuurd of die foto op zijn bestanden heeft ??

    • tessy said:

      am havin an issue with ma bb…it as bin blackberry loading for over 3 hrs now…..its not coming up….jst hanged not boothing..what can i do….pls email me bello.teslim@yahoo.com

    • kobie said:

      My problem is voice reading afther I get an email sms or mms I’ve tried
      Putting my phone of take battery out silent on ringtones don’t help tried the display text
      Thing I don’t know wht to do can u pleaase help

    • hally said:

      Heyy, i downloaded a new theme (water theme) update and then rebooted my phone. now the phone will only open up the Blackberry load page, the load reaches fully loaded but then nothing happens!
      can you please help, it just wont do anything but stay on this screen…please i need help ASAP…thanx

    • hally said:

      no key is working on the phone too d only keys that works are the ctrl alt,del and av done dat several times but still nothing happend it doesn’t show d network bars too everything is off . i seriously need your help please

    • gillian said:

      Does anybody know how to find a downloaded bluetooth message on a blackberry curve 9300?

    • josh said:

      Does anyone know why my camera flash does not turn off?

    • mayy said:

      so my problem is that when my phone died it always reboots so when it loads with the white bar it always freezes at 3/4 of the way . no matter how many times i take my battery out or leave it out or charge it , it wont load fully . PLEASE HELP ! :(

    • becca said:

      I have a problem with the blackberry curve 9300. It is not letting me scroll up onto the time and date bar and the one below it. I has been working fine for the past month ever since put it on charge lastnight, took it out and found this problem. Don’t know what to do!?

    • chris said:

      my blackberry wont let me call out or recieve calls. can anyone help

    • sonia said:

      When I try to write a message or on my bbm I click in the box and can’t write because the button moves. And also I can’t zoom in and out my camera from the middle black button.

    • john wallker said:

      My 9700 blips everytime it comes out of wallet< unable to stop it and driving me mad. Can anyone help?

    • Chloe said:

      I have took my battery out and the White bar across the screen keeps getting stuck half way, so I took the battery out again and it’s done the exact same thing. What can I do to get it to come on!?

    • Chloe said:

      I’ve took the battery out of my phone came to put it back on and the White bar that comes across the screen keeps freezing half way I’ve left it for a while and nothing changed so I took the battery back out a few times and the same thing happens, what can i do?!

    • Anne said:

      I have the email icon showing that I have an email but I don’t! I cannot get rid of it despite taking the battery out overnight last night, rebooting twice, switching the phone on & off loads of times. It just won’t go away. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how do i resolve?

    • anthony said:

      My blackberry has messed up loads of times now, I have a bold, and even after I have read texts etc. The indicator still flashes, aswell my phone is slow, takes twice as long to load when I replace the battery to load as it used to, and just freezes randomly, then on top of all that it doent seem to work very well with downloading apps and using them, I have no idea what could cause all of this but I’ve had no luck trying to reset my phone to factory settings, my bbm doesn’t work either, any suggestions?

    • Tom said:

      I cannot recieve emails on my phone any more. When i send an email it says user account is in INVALID mode, can any one help me?

    • Anne said:

      Hally, you really should try to write correctly, it may help people understand what on earth you are trying to say. Bizarre or what!

    • lee davies said:

      my bb bold 9700 wont let me ring out and it wont let me send texts out does anyone have any ideas hows to sort it its been messing up for a while now ive tryed turning the fone off and i tryed to take the bat out and nothing i just bloody think that black berry custums should bloody take there fones off the shlaves and stop selling them untill they fixed this shit whos with me

    • Joyce said:

      I swapped phones with my partner, now every time he deletes a contact off his phone it deletes it on mine also and vise versa? Blue tooth or wi fi is not connected.

    • lauren said:

      hello i had blackberry now for 13 months , and i had a new phone case put on completly i had the screw taken out and my signal is still not working someone help me plz : x

    • lauren said:

      ive had a blackberry now for 13 months and i had a new case put on it a few months ago , and i had to go and get it repaired because i ahd a stuck screw in it. i had it taken out and i dont knowwhy my signal is not working now :( help me pplease

    • lauren said:

      my signal is not working why?

    • Paul said:


      I’ve had my convenience keys set for the right side to be bbm for as long as I’ve had my phone, about 2 years, and as of this morning, every time I press the right side convenience button to see my bbm the camera turns on as well. Its starting to get on my nerves, I’ve tried resetting it, and have reset the Convenience keys twice, but no luck. Any Ideas????

    • scott said:

      hi guys. heres my problem with the stupid bb curve 9300.. had it 2 months and the nav button has developed its own personality, it likes to wander off all over the screen and if i text or bbm someone it comes up with letters i never knew existed.. im at my whits end with it. problem seems to occur at night. anyone else had the same problem ? thanks in advance

    • collen said:

      I syncronised my bb curve 8520 with my e-mails and ever since the battery hardly lasts beyond two hours and the phone gets hot everytime. The timer icon keeps appearing every time and the phone is now slow. Before that the battery would last two days. How do I reset it to the original set-up? I can do without mails on my phone

    • mark said:

      hello people,i have a bb bold 9780 which seems to have frozen on the bb id sign up page,anyine with any ideas?

    • angel godgift said:

      please i have a problem my blackberry was showing complete white screen i switched it off and on it after booting a white screen will appear written blackberry and a small clock will loading in front of it and my led light is green yellow and red please what is the cause please help me out please reply soon or email me @ theochinm@yahoo.ca.Tanx waiting for your reply.

    • kez said:

      Worst phone I have had! It freezes, its slow and has so many other faults its unreal! Last one packed bp so orange sent me another which is even worse! Counting down the days til I can upgrade!!

    • Martin said:

      I have a facebook message in the Message folder on my phone that I can not delete. Anyone any ideas on how I can solve this pse ?

    • malcolm said:

      Help, I’ve got an blackberry 9300, it use to download over a 100kb per second but lately it hardly get to 20kb per second, is there something wrong with my 3g? How could I fix this?

    • Nic said:

      My BB Torch keeps splitting my SMS text messages on outgoing texts and only letting me input 59 characters – Any ideas I have got a new phone but still the same thing is happening.

    • ravi ranjan said:

      i am using bb tour 9630 since 5 months and in the starting it was good there was not any problem but since one month m getting my balance deducted regularly i contacted to the reliance customer care but they are telling that m using net but m not evn opening the net. doeg any one have any idea how ll i solve my problem?

    • azi said:

      My problem also seems to be with the battery, but I’m not sure. I have a BB 8520 and everytime my battery reaches halfway, the screen goes white and my phone switches off. It will not reboot until I plug my charger in.
      Funny thing is, this problem only started when I tried to download an app. Is there a way to fix it? Without sending in my phone for repairs?
      I don’t really want to buy a new battery either.
      Although on that topic, my battery cover is loose on one side, no idea why. Can someone please, please help with this problem? It’s driving me mad! :(
      Email: azraa_p@hotmail.com
      Thank you! :)

    • me said:

      try holding the alt, right shift button and the delete button together at once, this should reset the bb without pulling the battery.

    • waad said:

      once i’m turning on the phone, the writing on the screen says : app error 523 “reset” i press the reset then nothing happen what shell i do? help please. thanks

    • waad said:

      p.s. my phone is bb 8520-arabic-white bundle 465

    • Meera said:

      HELP ME
      I was on bbm and den coz it had frozen I rreboooted it and wen I went bac on it I couldn’t find the bbm icon I don’t no wat 2 do I only hve a bb for bbm !!!!!!:@

    • karen said:

      hi can anyone help please, i have got a blackberry 9700, and when i try to message people 3 small boxes pop up in the middle of the screen, and then stops me writing my message until i press the home key then it will let me carry on why is this please anyone, nit is driving me mad takes ages to write a message many thanks if you can help

    • usamn said:

      Hi I got 8520 curve its freeze none of button working try restart nothing work can u help thanks

    • sep said:

      I have a black berry and my ‘A’ key seem to have a mind of its own when i’m writing a text all of a sudden the it goes ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’ and the ‘A’ key locks my phone so when i’m using my phone it just locks has any one had this problem and if they have please help. I haven’t had this phone long and don’t want to have to replace it, plus my warranty ran out about a month ago.

    • rowsie said:

      when ever i send a bbm or txt i get a red clock any idea whats wrong with my phone???

    • Odette said:

      whenever i type the letter a is automatically written, even when im in the middle of writing so the end product looks like this. “hey maaatea yoaau waanna gao aaout tonighata? take away the a’s and youll be able to read it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaave will of it’s own

      how can if fix this? Pls help

    • trinity said:

      Hi there, i bought a 9360 and the battery goes flat within less than a day. plus if i go on the internet or facebook the phone get warm. Im really consurned. please anyone out there that knows somwthing or how to fix it pls let me know…

    • ige hammed said:

      I av blackberry curve which I av downloaded a lot of application suddenly it went off and rebooted and it tells me reload software:552.and I av removed d battery several times without no change.anybody who could help should render please

    • Loai said:

      my blackberry keeps restarting and shutting down repetitively without getting to the main screen?

    • marthie said:

      Thank you for some of the info it helped with a problem of my browser being slow!!! Now I wish u get more info for us. I now know the following aswel. Alt Del you can delete your log/ alt shift del u can restart phone without battery pull!

    • roxana jackson said:

      The camera zoom has stopped working? The track ball still moves fine it just does not give me the option to zoom in or out?
      Can anyone help please?

    • Anwaar Shabir said:

      i have a bb bold 9780 and sometimes it restarts itself the red light switches on after it goes off then randomly comes on. anybody know whats the problem?

    • overton said:

      my blackberry stops loading when it reaches
      a certain point & stuck so help me
      what must i do?????

    • kelly ora said:

      i should have my 500 texts and 500mb internet . but my texts are working but internet not when i click on it , it tells me to contact service provider ? what should i do ??

    • ESHETU ZEWDIE said:

      I have got problem with my blackberry 9360 model number- RDD71UW- when i insert my sim card it asked me pin code I put the correct pin cod number then it asked me your current Sim card requires an unlock code would you like to unlock it ? I choose d ” yes” and bring a box to write a phone code number unfortunately I tried 10 times ,all my trial went wrong, then I went to telephone station to unlock it ,but they said if you tried ten time, we do not able to unlock it. what shall I do ? this problem happen with a thousand ETHIOPIAN people

    • rebecca said:

      hiya am just makeing a comment to see if anybody nos how to help me… My phone is turning on an is reaching my password to turn the phone on when i go to input my password it wont let me type it in any help would be verry greatful Thanks!

    • wibson said:

      pls my bb bold 9650 is showing ACTIVATION REQUIRED n i tried but it not going off pls any help?

    • ruby said:

      hi just sent a text to friend and it came back twice as is invalid or does not subscribe..

    • vivian said:

      My blackberry tour doesn’t last for more than 1 hour no matter how long I charge it I started using for barely a week

    • mark lavery said:

      my blackberry 8900 shows a black clock in the middle of the screen which slows everythink down as i have to wait until it dissapears,

    • leah said:

      hiya its leah i dowloaded a theme on my bb curve 9300 i accisenlty turned my phone ofrf so i yurned it back on and wheni type my password in it keeps freezing so i cant go on my bb its been happening for the last couple of days can somebody help me please ASAP

    • teresa said:

      i have blackberry bold 9000 have problems with bbm finally could invite on bbm now they recieve my invites and messeges but i dont recieve theres i have delete and installed bbm and done hard reboot with battery still nothing and no one know how to help me.my service provider says all my settings right

    • mwila said:

      Hello I have a bb 9300 and I need help with my trackpad! Its keeps scrolling by itself! How do I make it stop??? Help

    • Mark said:

      My BB Bold doesn’t recognise caller when the phone is locked. This is particularly annoying wiyh texts, because the BB can’t work outwho it is from, it just says it is feom the sender of the oldest text on my phone at the time. Ibelieve this is a known problem, but does anyone have a fix?

    • saudah said:

      my blackberry will only switch on half

    • emily said:

      my phone got wiped and now is asking for my memory card pin but i dont have a pin on it…what do I do??

    • margaret said:

      i cannot switch off a off my blackberry 9360 as i get a message saying it will switch back on again in 24 hours meaning i cannot switch it off,,, help

    • chelsea said:

      hi my blackberry curve 8520 had full battery this morning and randomly turn off when i put it on charge the red light comes on and the screen pops up with a battery with a lighting bolt threw itthen switches off no matter what i try my phone will not trn on ive tried taking the battery out and putting it back in but that doesnt seem to work and unless the charger is plgged in the red light wont come on help !?!

    • pearl said:

      i turned my bb off and then on agin and it has just come up as a white screen with an image in the middle and writting underneah which says reload software: 552, i reall dont no what this mean will someone please tell me ?????

    • emma said:

      my black berry will not charge there is a red x through it does any1 know how to fix it

    • israr said:

      hey all,
      i have recently put on a new housing on my phone and a new screen but when i turned my bb back on all i could see was a white screen plz help

    • Michael said:

      Hey guys, my problem is dat my blackberry curve 2 caught up virus nd I had to flash it only to notice I can no longer browse the net even with the BIS subscription I did from Mtn so please can u help me out

    • dimeji said:

      Ma bb messanger contacts has been on pending for too long and I hard receive replys from ma friends on yahoo or ma bbm………..and wen I go on ma facebook chat ma bb goes off

    • kiiiiiiera said:

      Hi, my problem isn’t as bad as some of yours but its really annoying me. My ‘m’ button is a bit stiff, and when I press it, it sometimes comes out like this ‘ mmmm’ after I pressed it twice etc. Or doesn’t come out at all! When it first happened the ‘m’ button was really stiif! Its loosened now, but I hate getting loads of ‘mmmmmm’s when I only need one! If I press ‘m’ once it commmes up three times!!!!! (Like it did just then!) Someone help, its realllly bothering me and my mmmummm will be really mad if I need a new one ‘cos I only got it last year.mmm

      Taa :) x

    • Ashleigh said:

      Hi, my problem is exactly the opposite of the one above with the stiff m.
      I have a curve 8520 and the E is super sensitive i can move gently over it like the scroll button and i have a multitude of eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. its a joke now that my curve has a touch screen E…please help its really annoying especially since almost all words have an E in them.

    • Sophie said:

      My blackberry curve 9300 wont stay on unless its on charge does anyone know why this is????/

    • scotty said:

      Hi, I cant seem to see what my emails are saying on my blackberry bold. Everytime i open it up to read it it has loads of thin lines where the text etc should be. anyone know whats wrong?

    • Shella said:

      Hey; i recently deleted lots of stuff i didnt need on my blackberry so there was plenty of space for new things, i downloaded a theme, and when i activated it to see if it looked good it crashed my phone on the home screen and keeps changing the date and time, however i keep resetting it and the time is slowly catching up with the present time, but i cant do anything with it as its crashed completely and even using the usb lead to get my files from my phone it doesnt work, i cant get anything off of it, anyone know what to do? otherwise its back to the shop tomorrow.


    • Maisie said:

      Hey,i have a Blackberry curve 8520 and i took the battery out and put it back in again the red light came on,and then the bar cam up it fill’s up 3/4 of the way and then it just stops i have left it over nite to see if it will load and it still wont load,i have took the battery out a number of times and it just does the same thing i need help so eny thips for helping me then please let me know it will be very usefull withought my fone i am tottaly lost and i need it to contacts my mum and dad i dont want to take in it to one of the phone shops i need it desparatley so please let me know maisie.paige.armillei@gmail.com

      Thannks guys:D:(

    • claire said:

      hi i charged my phone over night turnd my blackbery curve 9360 off woke up in moring and dead can anyone help

    • Moises said:

      O flash do meu Black Berry 9000 não apaga nunca, so quando retiro a bateria. Mas quando é
      recolocada acende o flash novamente

    • khaya said:

      my blackberry 8520 doesn’t have blackberry ID.. Listed under the settings and and my app world isn’t working but I hv bis, I have seen other blackberryz with that setting and my one does not have it,what should I do?

    • bell said:

      i have a blackberry curve, the touch pad is not working (the bit in the middle, black) it ceeps going all over the place but i have not done anything to make it do this, has any one had this problem if so how did you solve it?????

    • Yolandi said:

      Hi. i cant get bis for my bb, my service provider cant/ wont help me, I have a contract phone. It is registered to my other number, so for now my phone is useless.. PLEASE HELP!!!

    • demofay said:

      My blackberry carlmera isn’t working again…..am highly confused.but it once drop in a water

    • Manoj said:

      My blackberry 8520 is not working only blink red light.

    • gemma said:

      Battery was low on Bberry. It won’t turn on and when I connect to computer to recharge the red light comes on but nothing else happens or it would stick at the 02 bit …what is the problem?

    • jack said:

      hiya there my blackberry bold 9780 has a big problem i put it on charge last night and went to it this mornin and the screen is turned of my keybored lights up just no screen someone help me thanks jack

    • citibila said:

      ♍γ̲̣̣̥ blackberry batree will just stop charging for some time ‎​Α̲̅πϑ later continues.I dont know what is wrong with it. Can some one help me please

    • hynds said:

      Hiya, I had a blackberry bold & it broke on me so I went & got blackberry curve 8520 just until I get a newer version of blackberry curve. Just wondering if someone could tel me why my bbm display picture is coming up. Thanks

    • hynds said:

      Hiya, I had a blackberry bold & it broke on me so I went & got blackberry curve 8520 just until I get a newer version of blackberry curve. Just wondering if someone could tel me why my bbm display picture isn’t coming up. Thanks

    • Tosynlous said:

      Pls help me my blackberry can not fined th app world and also I can not click on download in the browser and I have remove my battries and put it back but the problem still desame pls help me out

    • Mohsin Nathalia said:

      whenever i type the letter s is automatically written, even when im in the middle of writing so the end product looks like this. “Yeses gettinsng bit bester, justs gosts a colsd” take away the s’s and youll be able to read it.how can if fix this?
      reply to fish786@hotmail.co.uk PLEASE

    • CHRIS said:

      i can’t see my blackberry symbol and neither can i be able to send on my blackberry message, all these started after i mistakenly press a button that wipe all my blackberry data off, my blackberry app world works but the blackberry message doesn’t, please help me

    • Shezza said:

      my phone has came up with ‘reload software 552′ so i turned my phone of n on but it still says it,wat shall i do?????

    • tracey said:

      hi i have a blackberry 9300 and i cant do anything at all with it i have had a new centre button on it put a new battery on it and it still wont do anything can anyone help please

    • nicole said:

      My phone is so annoying! I’ve had so many problems with it! The trackball keeps either freezing or going down or to the left automatically! Another thing is the square timer thing keeps appearing on the screen for a while at a time. If you can offer any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sunny said:

      hi, i left my blackberry curve 8900 on charge over night, used it for a couple of minutes at 6am in the morning, went back to sleep woke up and found it completely shut off, and will not turn back on, it isn’t the battery tried a separate battery and still nothing, in idea’s on how to fix this problem?

    • tom costa said:

      why my blackberry stops loading any data when it reaches at a certain point ?
      any help ?

    • Abbie said:

      on BBM I clicked on search, but now its frozen and wont do anything iff i click on bbm how do I solve this?? I have tre=ied switching i offf then on but that dosent work any other ideas???

    • roan said:

      where is my ping i upgraded it and now is gone plz sombody help me

    • Nathan H said:

      I have the very old BBM, I cannot update it to the new one for some reason!?!?
      My BB app world does not say ‘Upgrade’ and I cannot delete BBM off my phone?
      If you can help me at all, add my BBM: 222D3625.
      P.S, I have the Blackberry Curve 8520.

    • LouLou_UK said:

      Hi, I hope someone on here can help me, I have a white bb curve 8520 , last month my casing cracked! Has my local store I purchased it from had closed down , I got my BB rehoused / new case (still white with original buttons & back cover) , just so I could use it until I got to another phones4U branch , I have since been told that my blackberry will not be guaranteed without the original cover and it as now broken on me! Please someone help me out

    • LouLou_UK said:

      * is this true will my BB not be guaranteed
      Thanks again

    • marcus said:

      i got blackberry curve 8520 but it hasnt got blackberry app world but when i plug it into a computer it says its instoled what should i do

    • alka said:

      My blackberry 9300 was recently uploaded with OS6 and now I cannot scroll on my facebook as its keeps running too fast

    • zaks said:

      My tour 9630 is givin a hell of problem. The bis service always go dowm to small eage or small 3g each time I want to acess some apps lik 2go,youtute play,operamin etc and it will tek som time lik 6min to com up. And if I remove the sim for any reason, it will hv to tek almost a complete day for the bis to regain it strenght. I wipe the bb the network is up bt still will go bak if I try access som app that connect to internet. Please can someone help me on wat to do?

    • imran said:

      whenever i type the letter a is automatically written, even when im in the middle of writing so the end product looks like this. “hey maaatea yoaau waanna gao aaout tonighata? take away the a’s and youll be able to read it.how can if fix this? please leave me a message on hotmail to dizmandon@hotmail.com thank you

    • Hay said:

      My Blackberry curve 8250 is not working properly. There is a slight problem with my whole phone as my facebook app does not work when my bbm does not work? My bbm has been working on and off for the past three months, the problem with it is; messages wont send, and then the recent updates completely goes, the tab for recent updates disapears and im left with no choice but to take the battery out severall times untill it works again, but even when i do that it may not work for very long. Another problem with my phone is that it freezes all the time and im left with a blank white screen which then reboots my phone? Please if you could help me i would very much appreciate it.
      Thankyou. x

    • Ntsako said:

      The green LED stays on even when phone is off. I have switched it off and taken out the battery but it still stays on. The LED coverage indicator is set off. How do I fix that coz now my keypads are not lighting ever since the LED is on. Please help

    • sammy said:

      my phone keeps on freezing, when i take the battery out and put it back in again, it will go 3 quarters of the way, and then it will freeze for about half an hour, and then it will reach the end of the line and then the timer comes on and it will have the timer there for an hour or so, and then the vodafone symbol will come up, and the timer will come again and that leaves another hour of waiting, and then when its finally got to the main phone, i cant do anything because the timer will still be there! i had this problem a few weeks ago, but i deleted a few bbm contacts and it was fine, it was monday when it started playing up again! i take the battery out and put it back in, but it makes no difference! i dont want to send it off to get repaired because they will swipe the phone and obviously the timer is always there, so when i get the usb cable and plug it into the laptop, it wont back up my contacts because of the timer… any idea’s :( x

    • I'm Loving it said:

      Even browsing internet through wifi the balance from my sim card gets charged. can any one help me with this (BB 9860)

    • joe nolan said:

      my blackberry messenger does not let me send/recieve messages, been like this for two days

    • A.M.Hannan said:

      In My blackberry 9105, recently I am having one problem. When I try to call using address book, I cannot make call. The screen returns to call log. I tried by using send key as well as mouse padbut cannot make call usign address book. but I can call from call log,i.e. recent calls. Also can call using , keeping the call log open, when press Menue Key, It comes, 1.Help 2. Call from contacts. Chosing no. 2. call from contacts, I can call from contacts. Looking for a solution.

    • Ian said:

      Hi I have a blackberry curve 8520 firstly the red led is on constantly even when charging and only turns green when I turn the hone of while charging, also the backlight has stopped working I’ve checked to see it is still on, which I can just about see in good light but any thing other than that my phone is useless, I can’t see to read texts or do anything, all I can do is make calls

      CAN ANYBODY HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or do I need a new phone

    • naomi said:

      Hey, I can’t turn on my camera on my bb curve. When I open it, it says: can’t open the camera. Close other applications and try opening the camera again. How do I close the applications to make it work again? I tried taking off the battery a couple of times and it still doesn’t work. Can anyone help me?

    • k8y Harvey said:

      I turned my blackberry off and took the battery out. but when I put my battery back in it loads 2 thirds of the way and freezes I have taken my battery out numerous amounts of time but it still does the same….someone please help :(

    • ibtishaam said:

      I’ve gt a problem with my bb it switches off 2 a white screen nd only goes on nd I can only chat with the charger in

    • Kate said:

      Hi there,
      I have a blackberry curve 9300. Everytime i go outside, or sit in direct sunlight the scroler pad takes control of itslef, and the screen al most go’s up and down by itself with out me even touching it. I actually took it into the shop where i bought it from, and they guy told me download all my pictures, and everything i have on my phone. However i dont see how this is going to help the keypad work when im outside, so i can text without it taking control. Has anyone eles had this problem? Thank you, cos this problem hasnt been risolved.

    • tanya said:

      hi my blackberry curve keeps turning itself off every few miniuts it wont let me do anything jus freezes den goes to a plain white blank screen it wont let me answear calls or go on the internet or txt i dnt no what to do can any 1 help me thank you .

    • Kyle R Allen said:

      I have bbm on my blackberry but my blackberry broke so im putting my sim in my old phone but will i still get bbms or will it brake the phOne my old phone is a sony erickson so not a blackberry

    • nick said:

      my bb touch battery ran out and i tried to charge it all says is” JVM Error 545 reset” can anyone help

    • Sarah Bailey said:

      Please help. I rebooted my bb 8520 but it froze before rebooting was complete. What can I do

    • alan said:

      blackberry 9900 keeps saying insert simcard even with simcard inserted correctly and with a simcard from another working blackberry it still says insert sim card, does anyone know why?

    • Rose said:

      hiii there,,, i dont know what its happening with my blackberry its 9900 ans yesterday while i was using my phone normally it froze, i tried ” alt cntl delete” , also tried taking the batery out but it didnt work, when i try to put it on again, i get an error, and it says ” uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException” when i press ok it gives me another error ” Uncaught Exception: java.lang.error” pleaseee help me solving this ..
      Thank you

    • sam said:

      why wont my blackberry bold 9790 hold a charge for longer than a day?

    • Christopher Nolan said:

      Help…my browser is stuck on my 9300 curve 3g…please help.

    • sianne said:

      Got aBB wont swith on, and the LED flashes in sedts of 4 when charging but still wont turn on!!!!!! AAARRRRRRR! HELP !

    • sianne said:

      Got aBB wont swith on, and the LED flashes red in sets of 4 when charging but still wont turn on!!!!!! AAARRRRRRR! HELP !

    • Sumeeya said:

      i bought a blackberry around about 8 months ago and its been fine until up to about 2 weeks ago. My battery keeps losing its charge at about 50%. i have bought a new battery but it’s still doing this so i think that it may be the phone. Can someone tell me what i can do to fix this problem because its not major but coming to school and going out and about, its hard to contact others. i charge it all night and no matter how long its on charge, its always ran out by 12:00 midday even if i havent used it.

    • Mz Fluffy said:

      Can someone help out a fluffy please
      I have a blackberry 9650 and on the home screen of my bb the track pad works to go from left to right but it cant click and once i go in menu it doesnt move none at all and the call and end call buttons dont work or the one with the blackberry logo!! only the back space button works and i have done the battery pull more than i can count!!! PLEASE HELP!!

    • Kia said:

      I charged my phone on Saturday night and it was fully charged so I put it on the sofa whilst I was sitting down when I went to go on it it came up with the white bar across the screen (it comes up when you take the battery out) so I waited for it to turn on but only it didn’t, it goes a centimetre forward then goes back to a black screen! I have changed battery’s at it works in my moms battery!? What is wrong with my phone!? By the way it is a blackberry curve 8520

    • macauley said:

      I plugged my blackberry into my xbox and it turned ma blackberry of
      And I turned it back on then I noticed my bbm was gone and all my contacts and the icon


    • shannon said:

      i have a blackberry curve 9360 and this green mark has appered on the screen and i just wanted to know if anyone knows how to get it off and is it a water mark.

    • joseph said:

      why is it that my blackberry 9000 does not have wireless update in it

    • Johny said:

      Hi, my Blackberry Torch phone suddenlygoes to silent mode. How should I retrive it.

    • chloe said:

      my blackberry 9900 has frozen whilst doing an ujpdate and i can not do anything to unfreeze it?

    • Colette said:

      Hi, the return to previous screen button on my Blackberry Torch 9800 has stopped working, is there anyway I can sort this? Thanks

    • Jayne said:

      can any one help me?
      i installed the new facebook on my blackberry and i wanted to go on chat, it worked the first time but now when i try to get on it won’t load can anyone please help!!

    • Jawad Pasha said:

      I am not able to access to my calls….i cannot receive calls even tough the person who is calling me can get through my number but i cannot receive it…..i cannot dial numbers or call people from my contact list……earlier today i got a notification saying “uncaught exception 6>=6 ” something like this and also “application error” ….. please suggest em what to do as soon as possible….. please

    • Jawad Pasha said:

      it is also saying APP ERROR 523

    • sophie said:

      my blackberry has frozen the tracker pad and non of the buttons will work i cant get on to my menu or anything iv taken the battery out and fully charged it and everything and it still doesnt work what shall i do???

    • delight said:

      2go isn’t working on my curve4,pls can sum1 help me out,and GPRS settings for etisalat,pls

    • mayowa said:

      I can’t save phone number on my curve 2. Pls help me

    • Aimee-Jayne Watkins said:

      My Blackberry(8520) Wont let me save or add people numbers and i dont know why?

    • Alisha said:

      i have a curve 8520. Suddenly i am facing a problem. i am not able to add any new contact or edit existing contact. I have restarted my phone number of times but the problem still persists. How can i solve this???

    • craig said:

      hi i have a blackberry curve and when i go into options then memory it keeps saying a media card is not presently inserted in the device but my memory card is in correctly would just like to know if this can be fixed thanks

    • Abdulrahman Farouk said:

      I have a Bold 9900, whenever i put on the bluetooth it keeps restarting and it wont stop till i flash the phone, any solution

    • beth said:

      My BlackBerry 9300 reads out my text messages and I don’t know how to stop it please help me!!!

    • Farhan Mudasar said:

      I have BB Curve 8520. when i press R or T or F or G or C or V or G my BB writes other alphabets. What can be possible solution to this problem?? please help.

    • ranjit said:

      have a blackberry curve 8250, when i use wifi @ my home….its just eats away my balance …and every time i use wifi my balance goes to zeroo…..balance deduction for using wifi….:( plese help……i aslo tried switching of my mobile network…it asks me to switch it on….same for the data services option too…..please help.
      thankx in advance!!

    • Alison said:

      Hi i have a blackberry curve and lately it hasn’t been letting me save contacts at all. Every time i go to add a contact it doesn’t move at all just stays on that same bit or freezes and i have to reboot it but even when i do that it still won’t work?

    • sarahJ said:

      can someone help ive already got a blackberry curve 8520 but ive just bought a new one and there isnt an app for the browser&i already had a sim card so i put that into the new one and i thaught the bolt on i had would automatically move with the sim but it hasnt and i rang o2 and they said they have run out of ideas does anyone know x

    • natasha said:

      hi my bb curve 9360 keeps coming on and off and i am not able to use my phone whats the cause for this and solution?????? plzzz help!! sometime when it comes on i am able to use it but only for a few sec and then it cuts off again :(

    • Lucie bishop said:

      My blackberry curve won’t turn on after rebooting! It loads and stops just over half way!

    • Laura said:

      Hi I have the same problem as Lauren, i trued to change the cover on my bb 8520 and it stopped the signal working. Please help.

    • Minhaz said:

      Dear sir
      I have seen your solution style. Its really outstanding.
      Now please solve my problem.

      I am using blackberry 9630. Its good. But now days I am facing some problems in my device.

      I have deleted two apps from my device those aren’t need. In that case I lost my bb app world which showed in desktop screen. For that reason I can’t download any kinds of soft.

      Now what can I do ?

    • mercy said:

      i collected my dads bb and im using it and it displays my number as 0’s. When i tried editting the number it said error accessing sim.Please what can i do.
      Thank You.

    • melissa said:

      I was downloading music from tubidy when My bb curve 9360 started freezing then came up with a white screen saying reset so I cliked on it and when my phone started my phone had wiped everything off my memory card, music, photos,contacts etc? Help?

    • sirac said:

      hi, i have a bb bold 9700, every time i add new contact to my contact list it freezes..can anyone help me what to do..pleeaassee thanks.

    • Seth said:

      Hi everyone, please my blackberry message menu won’t open. It will load the whole day but will never open. Can i please use some?

    • Seth said:

      Hi, it is me again my internet service menu won’t also open just like my message menu. Can anyone please tell me how to make them open again? I really would be grateful.

    • Ahmad Morsy said:

      Hello All,
      I’ve a problem with my 8520 smart phone, that since last wednesday
      I can’t add or edit any of my contacts, I thought that this is a problem cause of the OS I’m using which was the default one, but today I’ve upgraded my OS to V5 & still having the same problem any ideas how to solve it.
      Cheers in advance

    • amer said:

      my blackberry 9700 was work in Canada with bell network and i take it to Jordan where i haven’t signal (SOS) after unlocked MEP CODE

    • Bazza said:

      My browser does not upload any web pages when I select a link from twitter or when I type it in manually…HELP! It does however, show images when I select it to when looking at emails.

    • Ahmad said:

      I got a blackberry 8520 curve. since 2 weeks ago i cant add or edited in my contacts. i thought that was a problem in the OS, so I upgraded the OS to V5.0, but still with the same problem.
      any ideas what might have gone wrong??

    • karen said:

      hi there my sons blackberry curve 8520 has not been used for a while went to charge it up the white line stops 1/4 the way along goes black screen then the red light comes on and goes off and starts all over again been like this for over 24hrs now please help x

    • lalo said:

      i have problem , i want to cancel the dictionary when i wrote some words so please any one tell me how to cancel it cz i tried many things and thx

    • priyank said:

      I am unable to send text messages to a particular contact it says “Message expired by service” or “Failed by service”.Though I am able to receive text messages from her.PLEASE HELP!!!!


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