9 solutions to common Android problems

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Android phones are generally easy to use and problem-free, but every now and again you’ll find something goes wrong. Discover the answer to your problem in our quick and easy troubleshooting guide for Android FAQs.

The Android Market won’t load?

Go to Settings / Applications / Manage Applications and find the Android Market app. In this screen you should see a ‘Clear Cache’ button. Tap it and the cache should display 0.00KB. Now try running Android Market. It would also be worth turning the phone off and back on just to make sure.

My SMS messages are going to the wrong people?

There was a bug, admitted by Google, which was fixed a few months ago. If you are still experiencing this problem you will need to check to see if updates have been released for your phone. They are usually distributed over the air, but not everyone installs them.

My Kindle books are not synchronising?

If you find that your last position in a Kindle book on an Android phone is not saved there is a simple trick that should resolve the problem. Always remember to press the home button before you power off the phone because otherwise it may not be synchronised properly by the Kindle service.

How do I know if an app is safe?

When you install an app you will be presented with a screen showing what the app intends to do on your phone. Read through the list and make sure it all sounds right. For example, you wouldn’t expect a cookery app to need access to your contacts. As always, be aware.

Wi-Fi connection problems?

There are many reports of Wi-Fi connection problems under Android, but the following solutions fix most of them. Firstly turn off the Wi-Fi on your handset and turn it back on. If that does not work go to the Wi-Fi settings and choose ‘Forget this network’ for your current connection. You will have to set it up again, but this should do the trick.

The browser cache is too big?

The browser cache on an Android phone can grow enormously over time and the only way to resolve this is to either limit the size it can grow to or use a third party app such as Quick App Cache Cleaner to automatically clear it. Besides the extra memory this brings, it can also make general browsing much quicker.

I can’t connect to my desktop?

Many Android phones refuse to connect properly to a desktop when they are first connected. Make sure you check the instructions and if needed go to the official site for the phone and

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download the required drivers to make the connection work. Not all phones come with the required drivers so some manual intervention is often needed.

”This video cannot be displayed”

Sometimes a video taken on an Android smartphone cannot be displayed in the gallery straight away. With no real reason for the problem, the fix is to take out the battery for a few seconds, re-insert it and the video will play. It is one of those quirks of smartphone ownership unfortunately.

My contacts are not syncing?

You may notice that the number of contacts on your Android phone is different to the number in Google Contacts. It seems that one reason for this is that the sync process will merge similar contacts. A temporary solution is to delete the contacts on the phone and re-sync- this should bring them all back.

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