Set up and use email in Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia 800

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If you’ve bought a Nokia Lumia 800, or another type of Windows Phone, one of the first things you will want to do is set up your email. Here’s our guide on how to do it.

Set up and use email in Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia 800

As part of setting up your new Windows Phone device, you’ll almost certainly have either created a new Windows Live ID or used an existing one – such a thing is a fundamental part of using Windows Phone online. Which means you’ll automatically have email access to a Hotmail Inbox – the default is to have this on one of the foremost homescreen tiles. But what about your Gmail account? What about your company email? What about your old ISP email account? Don’t worry, these are easy to add and access too.

Step 1: Hotmail is a given
First things first though. Your Hotmail email account will be in place, tap on the homescreen ‘Hotmail’ tile to get to this, your Hotmail/ mailbox. You’ll probably already be very familiar with swiping this view up and down (to read other messages) and left and right (to view just ‘unread’ or ‘urgent’ items), which is good because this is the application that will consolidate all your email.

Set up and use email in Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia 800

Step 2: And there’s more…
On the right hand side of the toolbar you’ll see a small panel with ‘…’ on it, the shortcut symbol for ‘More’. Tap it and you’ll see two things happen. Well, three including the toolbar floating up the screen. The existing toolbar icons gain descriptions, which may be helpful if you’ve always wondered what the icons meant! Most importantly though, extra functions come into view, including the interesting ‘add email account’.

Step 3: Email account types
Tap on ‘add email account’ and you’ll see a variety of other common email account types – we’re going to add a Gmail one, a corporate account and a legacy ISP account, all of which are handled here.

Set up and use email in Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia 800

Step 4: Adding a Gmail account
Starting with the simplest, Gmail, tap on ‘Google’ and enter your Gmail address and password.

Step 5: There will be a short delay…
After a few seconds while your mailbox is queried and mail headers retrieved, your Gmail should appear in the usual way, but this time all through the email client in Windows Phone!

Set up and use email in Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia 800

Step 6: Access to your new account
But how to get to this email in future? Handily, Windows Phone saves you having to ‘pin’ anything to the homescreen by automatically adding a new tile for each email account to the homescreen. As at Windows Phone 7, it’s a ‘dumb’ panel, but this should be improved in the upcoming Mango update. You’ll also see each new mailbox appear as its own entity in the homescreen ‘applications’ list, for convenience.

Set up and use email in Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia 800

Step 7: Editing your signature
Having got into your new (in this case, Gmail) mailbox, tap on ‘…’ again and tap on ‘settings’ – there’s a lot you can tweak for email retrieval! First stop is to edit your email signature, you can have multiple lines, so knock yourself out and put in any contact information you need to plus, yes, perhaps leave in the obligatory ‘Sent from my Windows Phone’ bit so that people know you’re replying while mobile and therefore many not have responded in your usual depth.

Set up and use email in Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia 800

Step 8: Advanced settings and data types
Also well worth diving into are the ‘synchronisation settings’. For ‘Download new content’, if you’re offered ‘as items arrive’ then it’s worth a try. Don’t worry too much about your smartphone using extra battery power doing this – a Windows Phone smartphone is going to be online all the time anyway. Depending on the email source, you may also be offered the chance to synchronise Contacts and Calendar – worth taking if you’re a big Google fan, in this case, as all your Gmail contacts (etc.) will come down from the cloud.

Set up and use email in Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia 800

Step 9: Corporate Exchange

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Another way to add an email account is to go to ‘Settings’ on your homescreen and tap on ’email & accounts’. Tap on ‘add an account’ and you’ll see the same choices as before. Let’s get going with a corporate email account now. Assuming your company uses a Microsoft Exchange server, tap on ‘Outlook’ and then enter your email address and password. After a few seconds, you’ll be bounced towards a more corporate login page, with a field for username and (importantly) ‘domain’ – this is where the Exchange server sits – check with your IT department if you’re not sure what to put here.

Step 10: IMAP and POP3 email
If you need to access any other email account type in the world, you should find that the ‘other account’ option suffices. Windows Phone will try and pick up mailbox settings from your email address, but if it can’t then it’ll pop up an ‘Advanced’ button, taking you to a new section of the wizard. Pick the type (“Exchange” or “Internet email”), with the latter including all older POP3 and IMAP4 mailboxes – be warned that you’ll need details of incoming and outgoing mail servers and any authentication. The chances are that you have all this written down somewhere from your last set up of a PC or Mac email application? If in doubt, ask your ISP or email provider, as appropriate.

Step 11: A real pleasure
Once set up, all these accounts appear in the same way on your Windows Phone homescreen. And, with the OS’s smooth kinetic scrolling and behind the scenes multitasking, you’ll hopefully find that mobile email is a real pleasure on Windows Phone.

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      I’ve setup my company email through POP3, but there is no option to leave email on server.

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